Daffodil Greens

project overview

At some point you have always dreamt of a home that just belongs to you. A home that gives you a sense of pride every time you see it. We know, you have always dreamt of a special home to grow old with. Haven't you? Now, you need not chase this dream of yours. Simply because the dream itself is coming to you.


We at Vishhram NLP are very much conscious about the recent climate change and its ill effects. We at our end are trying to our bit for better tomorrow. Parks at Daffodil Greens stand testimony to this concern of ours. Apart from these parks, a reserved GREEN ZONE with thicket of shade trees, rustic pathways, open air Yoga & Aerobics arena is all set up to give you a peaceful living experience.

Alongside will be plantations & flower beds especially created for the pooja of the deity.

Oxygen Park

Bringing oxygen producing plants in the backyard of your home is a way to mimic the healthy lifestyle factors; longevity in humans from the longest lived cultures. Tulsi, Neem, Areca palms, and many such herbs will ensure a healthy ambience. Acupressure walkways and lush green lands for barefootwalks.

Daffodil Greens Oxygen Park
Performance Park

Performance Park

Amphi-theater to promote the artists in our family & organize entertainment programs for the creative enthusiasts. A well planned paved area to facilitate arrangements for small breaks & refreshments. The cool shade of shrubbery is stretched here too.

Health Park

Area for freaks who love it outdoors with traditional Indian games. Demarcated areas for Kabbadi, Langadi, Kho-kho etc. Accompanying shade giving trees, pleasant shrubbery & a walkway for a casual stroll.

outdoors Health Park
Children's Park for the toddlers & youngsters

Children's Park

Especially created for the toddlers & youngsters. Decked with mini Basketball Court & play areas. Watch your children around while you have a merry at the tree covered chit-chat zone.

Party Park

The biggest of all parks with attractive entrance plaza. Features wall & club house, party hall connected to large sprawling lawns. Enjoy get-togethers, birthdays & functions while the rich flora & fauna further decor your party. One of the longest jogging tracks for the marathon enthusiasts in you...

Biggest club house & party hall